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La Garenne

The collective of Agen (French: [aʒɛ̃], Occitan: [aⲍ⤮n]) is the prefecture of the Lot-et-Garonne division in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France. It lies on the waterway Garonne 135 kilometers (84 miles) southeast of Bordeaux.

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Gold Beach

Gold, generally known as Gold Beach, was the code name for one of the five territories of the Allied intrusion of German-involved France in the Normandy arrivals on 6 June 1944, amid the Second World War. Gold, the focal of the five zones, was situated between Port-en-Bessin on the west and La Rivière on the east. High bluffs at the western end of the zone implied that the arrivals occurred on the level segment between Le Hamel and La Rivière, in the divisions code-named Jig and King. Taking Gold was to be the duty of the British Army, with ocean transport, mine broad, and a maritime siege constrain given by the Royal Navy just as components from the Dutch, Polish and other Allied navies.\nThe goals at Gold were to verify a foothold, move west to catch Arromanches and build up contact with the American powers at Omaha, catch Bayeux and the little port at Port-en-Bessin, and to interface up with the Canadian powers at Juno toward the east. Powers assaulting Gold confronted components of the German 352nd Infantry Division and German 716th Infantry Division. Around 2,000 men were positioned in the prompt zone. Upgrades to fortresses along the Normandy coast had been embraced under the authority of Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel starting in October 1943.\nOn D-Day at Gold, maritime barrage got in progress at 05:30, and land and/or water capable arrivals initiated at 07:25. High breezes made conditions troublesome for the arrival make, and the land and/or water capable DD tanks were discharged near shore or straightforwardly on the shoreline rather than farther as arranged. Three of the four weapons in an expansive emplacement at the Longues-sur-Mer battery were crippled by direct hits from the cruisers Ajax and Argonaut at 06:20. The fourth weapon continued discharging discontinuously toward the evening, and its army surrendered on 7 June. Elevated assaults had neglected to hit the Le Hamel strongpoint, which had its embrasure confronting east to give enfilade fire along the shoreline and had a thick solid divider on the toward the ocean side. Its 75 mm weapon kept on doing harm until 16:00, when an altered Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE) tank shot a substantial Petard bomb into its back passageway. A second casemated emplacement at La Rivière containing a 88 mm firearm was killed by a tank at 07:30.\nMeanwhile, infantry started clearing the intensely strengthened houses along the shore and progressed on targets further inland. The British Commandos of No. 47 (Royal Marine) Commando progressed on Port-en-Bessin and caught it on 7 June in the Battle of Port-en-Bessin. On the western flank, the first Battalion, Hampshire Regiment caught Arromanches (future site of one of the fake Mulberry harbors), and 69th Infantry Brigade on the eastern flank reached the Canadian powers at Juno. Organization Sergeant Major Stanley Hollis got the main Victoria Cross granted on D-Day for his activities while assaulting two pillboxes at the Mont Fleury battery. Because of firm obstruction from the German 352nd Infantry Division, Bayeux was not caught until the following day. English setbacks at Gold are assessed at 1,000\u20131,100. German losses are obscure.

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