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Freiburg im Breisgau (German articulation: [ⲏ⠚ɪ㋻ʊʁk ʔɪm ⲋ⠚ɪ̯s☚ʊ̯] (tune in); Alemannic: Friburg im Brisgau [ⲏʁiⴋ̥əɡ̊]) is a city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with a populace of around 220,000. In the south-west of the nation, it straddles the Dreisam stream, at the foot of the Schlossberg. Truly, the city has gone about as the center point of the Breisgau locale on the western edge of the Black Forest in the Upper Rhine Plain. An acclaimed old German college town, and archiepiscopal seat, Freiburg was joined in the early twelfth century and formed into a noteworthy business, scholarly, and religious focal point of the upper Rhine locale. The city is known for its medieval minster and Renaissance college, just as for its exclusive expectation of living and progressed ecological practices. The city is arranged in the core of the major Baden wine-developing district and fills in as the essential traveler passage point to the picturesque excellence of the Black Forest. As per meteorological insights, the city is the sunniest and hottest in Germany, and held the unequaled German temperature record of 40.2 ଌ (104.4 ଏ) from 2003 to 2015.

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Drummond Island

Drummond Island Township is a common township of Chippewa County in the U.S. province of Michigan. The populace was 1,058 at the 2010 census.The township comprises of Drummond Island, one of the biggest islands in Lake Huron. M-134 goes through the western part of the island. The roadway interfaces with the territory partition by means of the Drummond Island Ferry, which keeps running between De Tour Village and the island.\nOn the east side of Drummond Island, the Canada\u2013United States fringe goes through the False Detour Channel. On the opposite side of that channel, the Canadian Cockburn Island isolates Drummond from Manitoulin Island.

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