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Campina Grande

Campina Grande (Portuguese \"Great Plain\") is the second most crowded Brazilian city in the State of Para after João Pessoa, the capital. It is viewed as the most imperative city of the Northeastern Brazilian subregion called agreste. It is viewed as one of the principle modern, mechanical and instructive focuses in the northeastern district of Brazil. The city was formally established in 1864. Campina Grande additionally has an extensive social plan, including the world's biggest Saint John's Festival (called O Maior São João do Mundo), which happens amid the whole month of June.

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Erbil, likewise spelt Arbil (Kurdish: ھەولێر/Hewlêr\u200e), privately called Hawler by the Kurds, is the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan and the most populated city in the Kurdish occupied territories. It is found around in the focal point of Iraqi Kurdistan area and north of Iraq. It has around 850,000 occupants, and Erbil governorate has a changeless populace of 2,009,367 as of 2015.Human settlement at Erbil can be gone back to conceivably fifth thousand years BC, and it is one of the most seasoned constantly occupied regions on the planet. At the core of the city is the old Citadel of Erbil. The most punctual chronicled reference to the area dates to the Third Dynasty of Ur of Sumer, when King Shulgi referenced the city of Urbilum. The city was later vanquished by the Assyrians.Erbil turned into an indispensable piece of the kingdom of Assyria by in any event the 21st century BC all the way to the finish of the seventh century BC, after it was caught by the Gutians, and it was referred to in Assyrian records differently as Urbilim, Arbela and Arba-ilu. After this it was a piece of the geopolitical region of Assyria under a few realms thusly, including the Median Empire, the Achaemenid Empire (Achaemenid Assyria), Macedonian Empire, Seleucid Empire, Parthian Empire, Roman Assyria and Sasanian Empire (Asōristān), just as being the capital of the tributary province of Adiabene between the mid-second century BC and early second century AD.\nFollowing the Muslim triumph of Persia, it never again remained a unitary locale, and amid the Middle Ages, the city came to be led by the Seljuk and Ottoman empires.Erbil's archeological exhibition hall houses a substantial accumulation of pre-Islamic antiquities, especially the craft of Mesopotamia, and is an inside for archeological tasks in the territory. The city was assigned as Arab Tourism Capital 2014 by the Arab Council of Tourism. In July 2014, the Citadel of Arbil was engraved as a World Heritage site.\nThe city has an ethnically assorted populace of Kurds (the larger part ethnic gathering), Armenians, Assyrians, Arabs, Iraqi Turkmens, Yezidis, Shabakis and Mandaeans. It is similarly religiously assorted, with adherents of Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, Christianity (mostly pursued by Assyrians and Armenians), Yezidism, Yarsanism, Shabakism and Mandaeism surviving in and around Erbil.

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