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Apia is the capital and the biggest city of Samoa. From 1900 to 1919, it was the capital of German Samoa. The city is situated on the focal north bank of Upolu, Samoa's second biggest island. Apia is the main city in Samoa and falls inside the political locale (itūmālō) of Tuamasaga.\nThe Apia Urban Area has a populace of 36,735 (2011 enumeration) and is by and large alluded to as the City of Apia. The geographic limits of Apia Urban Area is primarily from Letogo town to the new industrialized district of Apia known as Vaitele.

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Yagoua city

Cameroon ( (tune in); French: Cameroun), authoritatively the Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun), is a nation wedged in West and Central Africa. It is flanked by Nigeria toward the west and north; Chad toward the upper east; the Central African Republic toward the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of the Congo toward the south. Cameroon's coastline lies on the Bight of Biafra, some portion of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the fact that Cameroon isn't an ECOWAS part state, it topographically and truly is in West Africa with the Southern Cameroons which presently structure her Northwest and Southwest Regions having a solid West African history. The nation is now and then distinguished as West African and different occasions as Central African because of its key position at the junction among West and Central Africa.\nFrench and English are the official dialects of Cameroon. The nation is frequently alluded to as \"Africa in miniature\" for its geographical and social decent variety. Regular highlights incorporate shorelines, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas. The most astounding point at right around 4,100 meters (13,500 ft) is Mount Cameroon in the Southwest Region of the nation, and the biggest urban communities in populace terms are Douala on the Wouri stream, its monetary capital and principle seaport, Yaoundé, its political capital, and Garoua. The nation is notable for its local styles of music, especially makossa and bikutsi, and for its effective national football team.\nEarly occupants of the region incorporated the Sao civilisation around Lake Chad and the Baka seeker gatherers in the southeastern rainforest. Portuguese adventurers achieved the coast in the fifteenth century and named the zone Rio dos Camarཞs (Shrimp River), which moved toward becoming Cameroon in English. Fulani warriors established the Adamawa Emirate in the north in the nineteenth century, and different ethnic gatherings of the west and northwest settled ground-breaking chiefdoms and fondoms. Cameroon turned into a German state in 1884 known as Kamerun.\nAfter World War I, the domain was separated among France and the United Kingdom as League of Nations orders. The Union des Populations du Cameroun (UPC) ideological group supported autonomy, yet was prohibited by France during the 1950s, prompting the Cameroonian Independence War battled among French and UPC activist powers until mid 1971. In 1960, the French-managed some portion of Cameroon ended up autonomous as the Republic of Cameroun under President Ahmadou Ahidjo. The southern piece of British Cameroons unified with it in 1961 to frame the Federal Republic of Cameroon. The league was relinquished in 1972. The nation was renamed the United Republic of Cameroon in 1972 and the Republic of Cameroon in 1984. Vast quantities of Cameroonians live as subsistence ranchers. Since 1982 Paul Biya has been President, overseeing with his Cameroon People's Democratic Movement party. The nation has encountered pressures originating from the English-talking regions. Government officials in the English-talking locales have pushed for more prominent decentralization and even total partition or freedom (as in the Southern Cameroons National Council) from Cameroon.

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