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Aguni (\u7c9f\u56fd\u6751, Aguni-child) is a town situated in Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The town possesses the total of Aguni Island.As of 2013, the town had an expected populace of 772 and a populace thickness of 100 people for each km². The absolute territory is 7.63 square kilometers (2.95 sq mi).

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Cresswell Downs city

Cresswell Downs Station frequently alluded to as Cresswell Downs is a peaceful rent that works as a cows station in the Northern Territory.\nIt is arranged around 255 kilometers (158 mi) east of Elliott and 260 kilometers (162 mi) south of Borroloola. Cresswell Downs is encompassed by different properties including Mallapunyah toward the north west, Walhallow toward the west, Kiana toward the north, Calvert Hills Station toward the north east, Benmarra toward the west, Brunette Downs toward the south and Anthony Lagoon toward the south west. A few waterways go through the property including Cresswell Creek, Coanjula Creek and Puzzle Creek.\nThe customary proprietors of the zone are the Wambaia. The main European to visit the territory was the traveler Frank Hann in 1881.The station was set up later that year and was named after Sir William Rooke Creswell, the name was held regardless of the blunder in spelling. It was chosen by Ernest Favenc who had joined an endeavor to the region to guarantee new peaceful terrains for himself and his accomplice, Mr Brodie. An offer in the property was sold by in 1881 to the De Salis siblings by Kilgour and Woodhouse. The property involved a zone of 1,500 square miles (3,885 km2) and was unstocked at the time.By 1883 Ernest Favenc sold his quarter offer of the property currently supplied with 2000 head of dairy cattle to Brodie and De Salis.In 1895 Sidney North Innes in association with Mr. T.A. Perry bought Cresswell Downs. Perry was slaughtered by the Indigenous Australians who were utilized on the station right away a while later. Innes carried on for the following quite a long while all alone. On one of the outings Innes was in quest for a purchaser of a substantial horde of calves for over a thousand miles. The dry season of the mid 1900s exhausted the group and in 1904 the proprietor finished the closeout of what were left, around 3000 head and came back to Oxforshire in England without precedent for a long time. He returned in 1905 and the property.William Naughton obtained the property sooner or later preceding 1917 when he was overlanding little groups to butchers in Cloncurry. By 1923 Cresswell was possessed by Naughton and Peter Nalty. By 1929 the pair had a dropping out which wound up in the preeminent court with Naughton guaranteeing Nalty owed him ꌐ,000 and 650 cows and Nalty asserting Naughton owed him �, six years' pay and � for an offer in the property. Nalty was granted ਷,000 for back-pay yet was not given an offer of the property. By 1932 Naughton's children, Tom and Frank were running Cresswell while their dad focused on his other peaceful interests.Currently Cresswell Downs is possessed by the Paraway Pastoral Company and keep running related to Walhallow Station.

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