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Aghajari (Persian: آغاجاری\u200e, likewise Romanized as Āghājārī and Āghā Jārī otherwise called Aghajari-e Zeydūn and Āqā Jarī) is a city and capital of Central District, in Aghajari County, Khuzestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 enumeration, its populace was 13,152, in 2,943 families. On account of the Iran-Iraq War the city's populace dropped from 64,102 of every 1986 to around 16,337 in the 1991 enumeration and its populace kept on dropping long after the 1991 registration (held 3 years after the finish of the Iran-Iraq War), yet as indicated by World Gazetteer the populace has gradually developed to 15,153 out of 2012, which means the city's populace is incredibly a long way from coming to or drawing near to its 1986 populace.

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Copenhagen (Danish: Knhavn [kྋm̩ˈhɑwˀn] (tune in)) is the capital and most crowded city of Denmark. Starting at July 2018, the city has a populace of 777,218 (616,098 in Copenhagen Municipality, 103,914 in Frederiksberg Municipality, 43,005 in Tårnby Municipality, and 14,201 in Dragør Municipality). It frames the center of the more extensive urban region of Copenhagen (populace 1,627,705) and the Copenhagen metropolitan zone (populace 2,057,737). Copenhagen is arranged on the eastern bank of the island of Zealand; another little bit of the city is situated on Amager, and is isolated from Malmö, Sweden, by the strait of Øresund. The Øresund Bridge associates the two urban communities by rail and road.\nOriginally a Viking angling town set up in the tenth century in the region of what is currently Gammel Strand, Copenhagen turned into the capital of Denmark in the mid fifteenth century. Starting in the seventeenth century it combined its situation as a provincial focal point of intensity with its foundations, resistances and military. In the wake of experiencing the impacts of plague and flame in the eighteenth century, the city experienced a time of redevelopment. This included development of the esteemed locale of Frederiksstaden and establishing of such social foundations as the Royal Theater and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After further catastrophes in the mid nineteenth century when Horatio Nelson assaulted the Dano-Norwegian armada and besieged the city, modifying amid the Danish Golden Age conveyed a Neoclassical look to Copenhagen's engineering. Afterward, following the Second World War, the Finger Plan cultivated the advancement of lodging and organizations along the five urban railroad courses extending from the city centre.\nSince the turn of the 21st century, Copenhagen has seen solid urban and social improvement, encouraged by interest in its establishments and foundation. The city is the social, monetary and administrative focus of Denmark; it is one of the major budgetary focuses of Northern Europe with the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Copenhagen's economy has seen fast advancements in the administration division, particularly through activities in data innovation, pharmaceuticals and clean innovation. Since the finishing of the Øresund Bridge, Copenhagen has turned out to be progressively coordinated with the Swedish region of Scania and its biggest city, Malmö, shaping the Øresund Region. With various scaffolds interfacing the different locale, the cityscape is portrayed by parks, promenades and waterfronts. Copenhagen's milestones, for example, Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid statue, the Amalienborg and Christiansborg royal residences, Rosenborg Castle Gardens, Frederik's Church, and numerous historical centers, eateries and dance club are critical vacation spots. The biggest pool of Denmark, Arresø, lies around 27 miles (43 kilometers) northwest of the City Hall Square.\nCopenhagen is home to the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School and the IT University of Copenhagen. The University of Copenhagen, established in 1479, is the most established college in Denmark. Copenhagen is home to the FC Knhavn and Brøndby football clubs. The yearly Copenhagen Marathon was set up in 1980. Copenhagen is a standout amongst the most bike agreeable urban areas in the world.\nThe Copenhagen Metro propelled in 2002 serves focal Copenhagen while the Copenhagen S-train and Lokaltog (private railroad) and the Coast Line organize serves and associates focal Copenhagen to peripheral districts. To ease traffic blockage, which is incompletely the aftereffect of expanded traffic as a result of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link street and rail development is arranged on the grounds that the limited 9-9.5 mile isthmus between Roskilde Fjord and Køge Bugt (Køge Bay) shapes a traffic bottleneck. The Copenhagen-Ringsted Line will diminish traffic blockage in the passageway among Roskilde and Copenhagen.\nServing about two million travelers per month, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, is the busiest air terminal in the Nordic nations.

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