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Punta Abreojos Airfield (IATA: AJS) is incorporated by a couple of earth airstrips situated in Punta Abreojos, the Municipality of Mulegé, Baja California Sur state, Mexico.\nPunta Abreojos is an angling town situated on the Pacific Ocean coast. \nThe airstrip is utilized exclusively for general flight purposes, particularly for medicinal and vacationer (angling and surfing) exercises.

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Curitiba (Tupi: \"Araucaria angustifolia Nut Land\", Brazilian Portuguese: [kuɾiˈtʃibɐ]) is the capital and biggest city in the Brazilian province of Paraná. The city's populace was 1,879,355 starting at 2015, making it the eighth most crowded city in Brazil and the biggest in Brazil's South Region. The Curitiba Metropolitan zone involves 26 districts with a complete populace of over 3.2 million (IBGE gauge in 2010), making it the seventh most crowded metropolitan zone in the country.\nThe city sits on a level at 932 meters (3,058 ft) above ocean level. It is found 105 kilometers (65 mi) west of the seaport of Paranaguá and is served by the Afonso Pena International and Bacacheri air terminals. Curitiba is an imperative social, political, and financial focus in Latin America and hosts the Federal University of Paraná, set up in 1912.\nIn the 1700s Curitiba's positive area between dairy cattle rearing wide open and commercial centers prompted a fruitful cows exchange and the city's first significant development. Afterward, somewhere in the range of 1850 and 1950, it became because of logging and horticultural development in Paraná State (first Araucaria angustifolia logging, later mate and espresso development and during the 1970s wheat, corn and soybean development). During the 1850s, influxes of European settlers touched base in Curitiba, for the most part Germans, Italians, Poles and Ukrainians, adding to the city's financial and social advancement. These days, just little quantities of workers arrive, essentially from Middle Eastern and other South American countries.\nCuritiba's greatest extension happened after the 1960s, with creative urban arranging that enabled the populace to develop from somewhere in the range of several thousands to in excess of a million people. Curitiba's economy depends on industry and benefits and is the fourth biggest in Brazil. Financial development happened in parallel to a considerable internal stream of Brazilians from different pieces of the nation, as roughly 50% of the city's populace was not conceived in Curitiba.Curitiba is one of only a handful couple of Brazilian urban areas with a high Human Development Index (0.856) and in 2010 it was granted the Global Sustainable City Award, given to urban areas and regions that exceed expectations in supportable urban advancement. As indicated by US magazine Reader's Digest, Curitiba is the best \"Brazilian Big City\" in which to live. Curitiba's wrongdoing rate is viewed as low by Brazilian gauges and the city is viewed as one of the most secure urban communities in Brazil for youth. The city is additionally viewed as the best in which to put resources into Brazil. Curitiba was one of the host urban communities of the 1950 FIFA World Cup, and again for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Notwithstanding its great social markers, the city has a higher joblessness rate than different urban areas in the state.\n\n

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