How to Book Cheap Emergency Flight Tickets


An unexpected situation or happening can make anyone go haywire especially when it comes to arranging an emergency flight tickets. This calls for a situation when a person or his family has to travel on the same day due to some unexpected emergency and has to check for discounted cheap flights. Every traveler can purchase last minute emergency flight price prior to 60 min in case if traveling domestic and 120 min if traveling internationally.

It’s not a tough task to book or arrange for emergency cheap flight tickets provided there is an availability of seats in the respective flight. The tickets are not guaranteed to be low because they are getting booked at the last minute ,however, in some cases few airlines slashes the prices of flight tickets depending upon the travel route or load.

How to get emergency or last minute cheap emergency flight tickets?

  1. It is advisable to directly call the airline you are planning to travel with for reservations. This is mainly because the airline will immediately issue the ticket if available, while, on the other hand, agent may take some time to issue the same ticket.
  2. There are numerous online flight booking app like Make My trip, Flight Price Online, Expedia, CheapOAir etc that gives flight rates, so comparing and booking accordingly can also save extra bucks.
  3. Flights that are flying either early morning timings or late nights are priced relatively lower than flights traveling on peak hours of the day.
  4. Following your favorite airline on social media can also help in keeping the track of the time period for which they are offering few deals. This is mainly because most of the airlines post about their upcoming deals on the social media platform.
  5. If you are booking straightaway from airline counter at the airport, then you can surely ask for any discount that support person can offer although last minute booking a flight ticket can relatively be on higher side.
  6. Traveling on the weekdays specifically Tuesdays and Wednesdays fetch low ticket prices as compared to traveling on the weekends.


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How to Book Cheap Emergency Flight Tickets

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